E-bike Rental


E-bike Rental

Rental is the perfect solution if you want to experience the excitement of an e-bike without having to buy your own.

With Ebikeforlife’s long-term rental solution, you can have your favourite e-bike with easy payment in instalments. And at the end of the rental period, you are free to choose whether to change model or redeem your e-bike.

Together we build
the perfect rental solution for you


Choose your e-bike
You can choose from a wide range of e-bike models in different categories and find the perfect e-bike for your needs and lifestyle.
Choose your rental period
From 12 to 36 months, the choice of long-term rental period is flexible according to your needs and requirements.
Choose the advance payment and the amount of the instalments
Together with the professionals at Ebikeforlife, we will help you choose the payment formula that best suits your needs. You can choose to pay a deposit or take advantage of the “zero deposit” formula by financing the entire amount of your rental.
Get on your e-bike
Pick up your e-bike and start your personalised pedal-assist riding experience.
Choose whether to exchange or redeem your e-bike
Have you fallen in love with your e-bike? With Ebikeforlife you can choose to redeem your e-bike at the end of the rental period or exchange it for a new model by starting a new rental process.
Rely on our experts
With Ebikeforlife you’re never alone. We’ll be there for you throughout the rental period, providing assistance and advice to ensure that you have a worry-free riding experience.


A wide range of models to choose from

Choose your favourite e-bike from a wide range of models in different categories selected from the best brands on the market.

Warranty and insurance included

Long-term rental is covered by warranty and insurance for a worry-free riding experience.

Easy payment in instalments

Together we build the perfect rental solution to suit your needs; you choose the duration most convenient for you, without restrictions, for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 36 months.

No resale problems

With the long-term rental solution, you don’t have to worry about reselling your e-bike. You only have to choose to end the rental, change model or buy back your e-bike, with a guaranteed future value.


With Ebikeforlife’s long-term rental you spend less than with standard financing and the purchase of your own e-bike.

Unlimited kilometres

The e-bike you’ve always dreamed of with no mileage restrictions. Ebikeforlife’s long-term rental formula allows you to enjoy the e-bike you’ve always dreamed of with no mileage restrictions.

Examples of e-bike rental

You can choose the duration of your long-term rental with or without a maxi final instalment, and for a period ranging from 12 to 36 months.

Rental with maxi final payment

Finanziato Anticipo Rate Importo rata Maxirata T.A.N. T.A.E.G.
  1.000,00 € 0 24 30,00 € 400,00 € 8,1%  11,4%
  2.000,00 € 0 24 59,00 € 800,00 € 7,34% 9,14%
  3.000,00 € 0 24 88,00 € 1.200,00 € 7,07% 8,40%
  4.000,00 € 0 24 118,00 € 1.600,00 € 7,34% 8,46%

Rental without maxi final payment

Finanziato  Anticipo  Rate Importo rata Maxirata T.A.N. T.A.E.G.
1.000,00 € 0 36 31,00 € 0 7,26% 11,20%
2.000,00 € 0 36 62,00 € 0 7,26% 9,48%
3.000,00 € 0 36 92,00 € 0 6,53% 8,08%
4.000,00 € 0 36 123,00 € 0 6,72% 7,98%

Are you not sure which e-bike to buy?

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We will help you choose the best e-bike for you!

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