Frequently Asked Questions

What are e-bikes? How do they differ from conventional bicycles?

E-bikes are bicycles fitted with an electric motor, battery and electronic control components.
The main difference between a conventional bicycle and an e-bike is the presence of a motor, which assists the cyclist in pedalling, reducing physical fatigue and allowing them to go faster.
Electric bikes are not comparable to motorbikes.

What are the main advantages of e-bikes?

High performance: technical standards such as weight and battery, combined with the design and technology of the motor, make e-bikes a powerful, safe and high-performance way to drive your passions and achieve your personal goals.

The possibility to travel long distances with less physical effort: thanks to the power of the electric motor, which offers a boost and assisted pedalling, you can go faster and cover long distances in less time and with less physical effort.

Protecting the environment: e-bikes guarantee low noise levels and zero emissions, protecting the environment.

They are suitable for everyone: from children to adults, from those looking for an everyday means of transport to those seeking cutting-edge sporting performance. E-bikes adapt to your lifestyle and passions.

Is it necessary to pedal with an e-bike?

Yes. E-bikes are pedal-assisted bicycles that are not equipped with a throttle, as this is not allowed by law. The motor of an e-bike is activated by the cyclist’s pedalling, providing immediate and considerable assistance and minimising muscle strain.

Are there specific traffic restrictions for e-bikes? Where can I ride?

No. Like conventional bicycles, e-bikes can also use reserved cycle lanes. If there is no cycle lane, regulations state that bicycles should be ridden as close as possible to the right-hand side of the carriageway. It is forbidden to ride on the pavement with an e-bike.

Do e-bikes need registration and/or insurance?

No. Electric bicycles comply with legal power (250 W) and speed (25 km/h) limits, so they do not need to be registered or insured.

What is the maximum speed?

An e-bike must have a motor with a maximum power of 250 W, which assists the bike up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, beyond which the motor cuts out. If the pedalling support allows these limits to be exceeded, the bike is considered a “speed pedelec”, which is a separate category for which specific approval is required.

Can I go faster than the motor permits?

Yes. It is possible to go faster simply by pedalling harder, bearing in mind however that the motor only offers assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h.

How many pedalling assistance modes are available?

Every e-bike has controls on the handlebars that allow you to adjust the level of pedalling assistance, i.e., the amount of “help” provided by the motor to the rider. The number of levels varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Why are multiple levels of assistance available?

Multiple levels of electric assistance are determined by these factors and their possible combinations: gradient; terrain grip; fatigue; battery life.

What is the range?

The range is primarily determined by the amount of energy the battery contains (a 500 nm battery will have more capacity than a 250 nm battery and will allow more kilometres to be covered). Secondly, other factors and their combination – such as the rider’s weight, the level of assistance chosen, the terrain, etc. – affect the range. For these reasons it is difficult to give a precise estimate.

How long does it take to charge the battery? And how do you recharge?

Recharging a completely flat battery takes on average 4-6 hours.
Recharging is done by plugging the power supply into a standard power outlet.

Are the motor and battery waterproof?

The motor and battery of e-bikes are designed to be optimally resistant to water splashing up from below. Particular care must be taken when washing; it is advisable to avoid using pressurised water (pressure washer/water hose) and to remove dirt with the help of a brush or sponge.

Does pedalling recharge the battery?

Not with current motors. The battery is discharged and cannot be charged without electricity.

How long does an e-bike battery last?

Electric motors do not need regular checks and maintenance. Manufacturers claim a performance for a certain number of charging cycles and are generally declared to function for 500/700 charging cycles.

How do I choose the right e-bike for me?

Ebikeforlife offers a wide range of models selected from the best brands on the market. Each has its own identity, and has a different design and features to meet different needs.
We provide you with all the information (battery power, size guide, etc.) you need to choose and purchase an e-bike in total autonomy and safety. If you need any help, you can ask our team of experts for support.

Can I try out the chosen model before I buy it?

Yes. You can try out your chosen model by visiting our showroom in Via Alessandro Manzoni, number 135, 25040, Berzo Inferiore, Brescia.

  • Is it possible to buy a product in instalments? How can I buy it?
  • How does long-term rental work? And what are the advantages?
Can I modify an order?

Yes. You can update the information of an order by contacting our customer service, as long as it has not yet entered the shipping process.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

The Customer may cancel the order made only if the items have not yet been sent, and in any case within 72 hours from order confirmation.

How can I monitor the status of my order?

You can monitor the status of your order by logging into your private area. In addition, once the order and payment have been confirmed, the Customer will receive an e-mail containing confirmation of payment, shipping confirmation and order tracking information.

What warranty is provided? How long is my bike guaranteed for?

All e-bike products purchased on the Ebikeforlife website come with a minimum 24-month warranty.
All the products on our site are covered by the conventional warranty, if any, which is provided directly by the manufacturers, and the relative regulations and conditions of application of the warranty are indicated by the manufacturer together with the product.

Where can I have the bike I bought online delivered?

During the purchase phase, the Customer can choose and enter the shipping address.

Can I collect my bike myself?

Yes. You can pick up the product in person at our showroom in Via Alessandro Manzoni, number 135, 25040, Berzo Inferiore, Brescia.

What happens if no one is at home when the bike is delivered?

If no one is present at the address indicated in the order, the courier will leave a notification of attempted delivery. Your order will therefore have to be collected from the depot indicated by the courier within a time period that varies according to the type of courier.
In this case, remember to go to the depot with an identity document in order to be able to collect your order. You can also delegate an authorised person to collect the bike for you. Otherwise, contact the courier directly for more information.

What is the average delivery time?

Delivery is usually completed within 7 working days from the moment the Customer receives the e-mail confirming the order and payment.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

The price of the products is as indicated on the website www.ebikeforlife.it when the purchaser places the order. Prices include standard packaging costs, VAT (if applicable) and indirect taxes (if applicable).
Shipping costs will be indicated when the order is placed. Shipping is free for orders of over 99 euros.

What methods of payment are accepted?

The available payment methods are:
– PayPal.
– Bank transfer.
– Credit card – via the PayPal circuit.
– Payment by instalments with the Soisy finance company.
– Long-term rental.

Is it possible to return a product?

Yes. In order to return the product, the Customer may make use of a transporter of their choice with return costs paid by the same. In this case, after having exercised the right of withdrawal in the manner indicated in the terms and conditions, the Customer must undertake to return the Product to Ebikeforlife via a transporter of their choice, under their own responsibility and at their own cost, without unjust delay and in any case within 20 calendar days from the date on which they informed Ebikeforlife of their decision to withdraw. The Product must be appropriately protected and packaged and sent to the following address: DirAuto S.r.l., Via Alessandro Manzoni 135, 25040, Berzo Inferiore, Brescia.
In the event that the Client wishes to rely on Ebikeforlife’s shipping services for the return of a Product, the rates are as follows:

  • 50 euros for the return of an Ebike.
  • 10 euros for amounts less than 99 euros.

Once Ebikeforlife has received the returned product in a perfectly integral state in its packaging, within 14 working days the same will undertake to refund the total amount due as paid by the Customer for the returned product. The refund will be paid via the same payment method used by the Customer to purchase the Product, save for agreements to the contrary between the parties.
For further information: Terms and conditions of sale

Do you need any help?

It is possible to request information, send messages, request support or send a complaint by contacting Ebikeforlife as follows:

  • Phone: +39 3395061683
  • Email: info@ebikeforlife

Ebikeforlife will respond promptly to any complaints presented and in any case within seven working days from receipt of the same.

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