Thanks to Ebikeforlife you can experience the excitement of an e-bike even without buying one.

With the long-term rental solution, you can have the e-bike of your dreams with a subsidised payment in instalments over time, at the end of which you can choose to change model or buy your e-bike.

How does it work?

Together, we will build the perfect rental solution for you:

  1. Choose the perfect e-bike according to your lifestyle and needs.
  2. Choose your rental period according to your needs (between 12 and 36 months).
  3. Choose the amount for the advance payment and the instalments best suited to you.
  4. Pick up your e-bike, get on it and have fun.
  5. Choose whether to exchange or redeem your e-bike at the end of the rental period.
  6. Do you have any problems? We will be with you throughout the duration of your rental, offering personalised service and advice.

Ebikeforlife allows you to choose the most convenient and simple way to experience the excitement of an e-bike without worry or concern.

Find out more about the long-term rental service.

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