The E-MTB FULL (full suspension e-mountain bike) is a category of e-bikes that includes models equipped with both front and rear suspension for greater stability and safety on all types of terrain.

If you are a mountain trail enthusiast and are looking for extreme performance, an e-mtb full is the ideal choice. The front and rear suspension on this type of e-bike offers perfect damping of vibrations caused by uneven ground, cushioning the impact of potholes, unstable or uneven terrains, thus avoiding possible physical trauma.

In addition, the cutting-edge technology that characterises these models allows the motor to deliver power intelligently, giving the rider all the support they need, both when climbing or descending. Lastly, wider tyres and a reinforced chassis provide traction and better weight balance.

With a full e-mountain bike there is no limit that you cannot exceed.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner. Whether you want to tackle technical, rough trails or short, easy ones. The E-MTB FULL is the ideal choice for high performance and long-distance trails.

Find the model that is perfect for you.

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